Stone Solutions: 1 year anniversary in our new yard

Stone Solutions: 1 year anniversary in our new yard

A year ago, armed with ambitious plans, we embarked on a mission to convert a humble farm into our new stone yard, a place where the beauty of natural stone takes center stage.

Join us as we reflect on the before-and-after snapshots of our remarkable renovations and unveil the exciting developments that lie ahead.

1 Years Transformation

The Beginning of a Vision

One year ago, we embraced a vision to breathe new life into a farm, envisioning a space that would not only serve as a stone yard but also stand as a testament to the artistry of architecture and the timeless allure of natural stone.

Before & After Unveiled

Fast forward to the present, and the metamorphosis is nothing short of spectacular. From the initial sketches to the tangible reality, witness the visual symphony of change. The farm has given way to a Stone Solutions sanctuary, where the rustic charm of the past seamlessly intertwines with the contemporary elegance of the present.

Our Open Showroom

We’re thrilled to announce that our doors are now open to the public, inviting you to explore our stone ranges in a space that embodies both inspiration and choice. Our showroom has many  options, showcasing the diverse possibilities that natural stone offers for your architectural projects.

See our transformation here:


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