Rustic Limestone, Armagh Northern Ireland

Rustic Limestone, Armagh Northern Ireland

Stone Solutions supplied this stunning residential dwelling called the Fort House project, located in Co. Armagh.

The design concept drew inspiration from the nearby fort, incorporating elements such as irregular and organic forms, stone angled walls, and flat roof formations.

The project aimed to blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape while also addressing the client’s accommodation requirements and environmental considerations.

Design Concept:

The design by Patrick Bradley architects of Fort House was influenced by the irregular site formation and the architectural characteristics of nearby forts. The concept sought to express forms through variations of distortions of rectilinear shapes, capturing the essence of the vernacular Irish stone architecture.

Rustic Limestone

One of the standout features of Fort House is its rustic limestone cladding, chosen for both its aesthetic appeal.

Limestone’s natural color variations and textured surface add depth and character to the façade, enhancing the building’s visual appeal.

The rustic appearance of the limestone cladding complements the organic forms and irregularities of the design, creating a seamless integration with the surrounding landscape.

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