Donegal Slate: Self Build Templepatrick

Donegal Slate: Self Build Templepatrick, Northern Ireland

The stunning new build home stands as a testament to the precision and craftsmanship invested in its creation. The front porch and double garage are adorned with our exquisite Donegal Slate Cladding, elevating the aesthetic appeal of the entire property. The garage corner stones, in particular, showcase a level of attention to detail that sets this project apart.

🏠 Front Porch: The front porch, finished with our Donegal Slate Cladding, serves as an inviting and aesthetically pleasing entrance to the residence.

🚗 Double Garage: The double garage, a truly impressive feature of this project, is a masterpiece of design and execution. The application of Donegal Slate Cladding to the garage further accentuates its grandeur. The meticulous detailing on the garage corner stones is a standout feature, demonstrating the dedication of everyone involved in bringing the self-builder’s vision to life.

Collaboration: We were delighted to work alongside two local businesses as a seamless collaboration with 4D Developments for the front porch and garage and returning a year later with Stephen Gibson Paving for the outdoor garden area.

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