Basalt Stone Cladding

Basalt Stone Cladding Northern Ireland

A Modern Self-build Project with Reclaimed Basalt Stone Cladding

In the ever-evolving world of architectural design, there’s a timeless charm that transcends trends—a charm that seamlessly blends the contemporary with the classic. Our latest self-build project, nestled just outside Larne, stands as a testament to this fusion, boasting a modern aesthetic enriched with the enduring allure of reclaimed Basalt stone.

Unveiling the Beauty of Basalt:

At the heart of this project lies the choice of material—reclaimed Basalt stone, a testament to nature’s artistry. The stone doesn’t just clad the exterior; it serves as a pivotal element, gracing accent walls with depth and character. The marriage of modernity and tradition is especially pronounced against the backdrop of sleek metal doors, creating a visual symphony that captivates the eye.

Light and Texture

But our commitment to excellence didn’t stop with the choice of stone. External lighting has been artfully incorporated to accentuate the stone’s texture, infusing the entire space with warmth and authenticity. As the sun sets, the play of light and shadows on the Basalt stone creates a captivating dance, further enhancing the overall aesthetic of the modern home.

The Details:

  • Stone: Reclaimed Basalt
  • Location: Outside Larne
  • Supplier: Stone Solutions NI

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